Rayce's Story

Interview Date & On-Air Time : Thursday, December 13th 12:00pm-1:00pm

Wish Child Name: Rayce 

Age During Wish Process: 18 (Passed in June 2018)                                  

Condition : Aplastic Anemia

Potential Wishes : Go to Hamilton on Broadway, meet Imagine Dragons at a concert of theirs, or go to the Bahamas to swim with sharks and sea turtles

Parents: Jessica and Derek 

From: Sauk City, WI

Interests/Other: Rayce had all sorts of interests, when he was younger it was hockey, and gymnastics when he hit high school it was music. He played the piano, sang, danced, played the drums, did dance...in 2018 he was in hip hop and tap. He was definitely a natural at everything he tried. He was learning how to play the guitar in the hospital through music therapy. He loved Culvers and spending time with girlfriend Alyssa "Cute Nerd" as he called her. She stuck by him through everything and man the love he had for that girl, it was amazing. She kept him Strong. He loved science and was going to go to school for Physics. He wanted to be a professor and theoretical Physicist. And he LOVED to make other people happy, no matter what was going on with him he was the person who just made everything better. For everyone. He was an old soul and just full of so much love. He walked into a room and just lit the room up with his smile and laughter and personality and heart. He made a huge impact on anyone that he met, everyone at that hospital knew who Rayce was and will always remember him. He is unforgettable.



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