Carter's Story

Interview Date & On-Air Time: Friday, December 14th 3:00pm-4:00pm

Wish Child Name: Carter 

Age During Wish: 5                                

Current Age: 6

Condition: Sanfilippo Syndrome; a rare genetic disease; neurodegenerative in nature. Currently he is walking/running, language abilities between 2- 2.5 years. He started Kindergarten this year!

Wish: Disney, Meet and greet with Barney!

Parents: Kyle and Marcie 

From:  Madison, WI

Interests/Other: Carter loves gross motor activities: running, jumping, climbing, slides. He loves music and all instruments, especially guitars/drums. He is very social and loves being around people to run and play with. When he’s tired, he enjoys bouncing on the couch watching his favorite movies! He has always loved Mickey Mouse/ Barney!



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