33 Logic Lyrics When You Need A Perfect Instagram Caption

Don't worry, you have LOTS of lyrics to choose from!

Have your pick from Elite Daily's post...

1. “Do what you love and don't ever wonder what it could be.”

2. “Red light, stop. Green light, go.”

3. I just wanna be free, not a slave to stereotype.”

4. “When we're together lately I don't even feel a buzz.”

5. “Everybody people, everybody bleed, everybody need something.”

6. “It ain't about the money and notoriety. It's about the people and making a difference in society.” 

7. “Seem like everybody nowadays Hollywood. Oh, so it's like that now?”

8. “My mind going crazy, but I still look hella calm.”

9. “There's ups and downs, don't get me wrong.”

10. “We call that champagne.”

11. “People in my ear, telling me ‘talk that sh*t!' Actions speak louder than words, I'd rather walk that sh*t.”

12. “I ain't here to pick and choose, I ain't here to sing the blues, I'm just here to spread the clues, I'm just here to spread the news.”

13. “All day, every day, we was on that block until we made a way.”

14. “I can feel you in my lungs, feel you in my veins. Bloodstream only way to make it to my brain.”

15. “They gon' know my name until it fade away.”

16. “Every diamond in my chain, yeah, that's a milestone.”

17. “In a spaceship, I'm in another system, so futuristic, on another mission.” 

18. “Man you're everything I crave, you're the only thing I let in that would put me in the grave.”

19. “Time is money, I can't spare it.”

20. “Hold up, let me get my mind.” 

21. “Work so f*cking much my greatest fear is I'ma die alone.”

22. “Go on and let your soul glow. Let your soul glow.”

23. “Me and you together, swear to God that's all that worked.” 

24. “They tryna take my blessings away, they gotta be demons, I'm blessed everyday, and not blessed like I'm sneezin', I'm healthy and well.”

25. “Motivated, undereducated, and hated.”

26. “To teach the people that they have the power to fight.”

27. “Live it up, hold on to your dream, don't ever give it up.”

28. “Everyday I wonder, who I am, who will I be, where will I go, what will they write upon my grave?”

29. “Feeling the world go against us, so we put the world on our shoulders.”

30. “Chasing fame, chasing glory, 'til the day we make a story.”

31. “I'm a visionary, that's long term.”

32. “Sometimes I feel like I've drifted, I feel different, I feel gifted.”

33. “Yeah, my stress up, but I'm blessed up.”


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