It's essentially no competition when it comes to cutest couple in television history. Most everyone looks back and fondly remembers Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky from Full House. 

In real life, Lori Loughlin and John Stamos' onscreen chemistry didn't translate when the cameras stopped rolling.

"I was married at the time I was doing the show to my first husband," Loughlin told E! News host Ali Wentworth. "That one didn't work out."

However, Stamos dropped a MAJOR bomb on the HuffPost Live last summer when he revealed that "she could be the one that got away."

"Well that was very nice of him to say," Loughlin admitted to E! New's Wentworth. "Literally right when I was getting divorced, he met Rebecca [Romijn]."

Loughlin was married to Michael Burns for most of her run as Becky Katsopolis (and/or Donaldson) on Full House before the couple divorced in 1996. She then wed current hubby Mossimo Giannulli the following year and they have two children.

Stamos recently gushed about his relationship with Loughlin, saying, "She's just the model of a perfect person, a beautiful person, and we're still great friends," the actor raved. "We just don't have sex, but we're great friends."

-via E! Online

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