The group in charge of this year's Rhythm and Booms, Madison Festivals Inc., will not be allowing food, drink, umbrellas and more into the event in downtown Madison.

This year, none of the city's tax dollars are being spent on the firework/music show according to Madison Festivals Inc. President Rita Kelliher. The group plans on gaining funds through concession sales, charging $2 for a 20 oz bottle of water.

The group expects to exceed $240,000 worth of concession sales.

Kelliher said that the limited security they have for the event will not be going through any personal belongings to search for the banned items, but she asks that firework-goers are responsible and abide by the list.

You can read the full article from Channel 3000 here.

These are the items that are NOT permitted within the Rhythm and Booms event area:



-Food items

-Beverages (except baby formula)

-Plastic, metal or glass water bottles

-Tents, canopies or structures of any kind


-Glass containers



-Sparklers or fireworks

-Briefcases, backpacks, luggage pieces, or duffel bags


-Animals, reptiles or any type of pet


-Weapons (including knives)

-No taping or roping off of large areas

-No overnight camping. Event grounds officially close at 11 pm Saturday

-Bikes, skateboards, or skates - you must walk them in for pedestrian safety. If you ride your bike to Rhythm and Booms, a bike corral is available on the west end of Monona Terrace.

You can find the items that ARE allowed to the event here

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