The AT&T device called a FiLIP is a watch that doubles as an extremely basic phone, "made from colorful high-impact rubber and designed to fit the wrists of kids from 4 to 8. It's water resistant and sturdy enough" for your little one's life.

"There are just two buttons: a big red one to make calls, and a smaller green one to cycle through the child's list of contacts. Using a smartphone app, you can add up to five contacts that your nubbin can call via the FiLIP; these are also the only numbers that can call it. To make a call, your child selects a contact and speaks into a small mic below the watch face. Using the app, you can also a send text message of up to 24 characters to your child which displays on the screen." However, there is no way for your child to text you back. Calls only.

-via Yahoo Tech

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