Actors make HOW MUCH for reruns???

Let's say, hypothetically, you get a job that you make a truckload of money...and then that job goes away. How would you like to keep making that truck load of money??? Simple, all you have to do is get yourself on a good TV...then you can collect millions of dollars even after you stop working on that show!

This, is the beauty of residual fees in Hollywood! As notes, "When shows are syndicated, redistributed, released on DVD, or purchased by streaming services...actors get residual checks called royalties".

Some of these actors and making absolutely CRAZY amounts of money, long after their big shows have been cancelled.

According to that same site...

  • Warner Brothers makes in the neighborhood of 1 billion dollars a year...STILL...on Friends, which gets the cast 2% or 20 million dollars a year!
  • Seinfeld ran for eight seasons, and Jerry reportedly pulls in $400 million a year.
  • Ray Romano makes up to $17 million per year on reruns.
  • Charlie Sheen HAD been making around $100 million for Two and a Half Men until he sold of his stack in the rights.

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