AJR Reveal Dating Fail Behind Song “Dear Winter,” Perform Live

Let’s be honest, dating in 2019 can be rough. AJR stopped by the studio on Friday, October 18, and dished the story behind their heart-tugging single “Dear Winter.”

The song, which the three brothers dropped earlier this year, stemmed from a failed meet-cute of 25-year-old brother Ryan’s. “Me and Jack were at Colombia," Ryan explained to Seacrest on-air. "And I asked a girl to hang out and she said no so I went home and wrote this song about how weird and strange it is to date and find the perfect one in 2019.”

In the song, AJR sings about an unborn child he would’ve named Winter with the woman had she not rejected him.

“Dear winter I hope you like your name," the lyrics go. "Dear Winter I hope you talk to girls or boys or anyone you like I just hope you don’t stay in every night,” the lyrics go. “It really doesn’t seem like there’s anyone for me but dear Winter I hope you like your name / you know I cannot wait to meet you but s—t I’ve got to meet your mom first.”

Adam, Jack and Ryan Met were first known for penning songs for other artists, including the likes of Andy Grammer, but after choosing to start their own band, they hit it off — well, thanks to Sia that is.

“We made enough money to kind of buy all the equipment and bring it back to our living room and we made music there for about 8 years without anyone noticing,” the band explained. “And then Ryan decided to tweet out our first single to a bunch of celebrities and Sia ended up responding. She retweeted it and said ‘I love this song! Please come meet me in my hotel tomorrow’ which obviously sounded fake, like, a man with a paper bag,” they joked. “But we did it and she came out of her hotel like singing the song and she was like ‘I love you guys! I want to introduce you guys to people in the industry” and … it just kind of took off from there.”

“It was like 8 years of hard work with zero luck and then this one little lucky thing," they concluded. "And then since then it’s been a lot of work, but I think its a good lesson to continue working and don’t give up."

Watch back the full interview above for more, including to hear AJR perform “Dear Winter” live!

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