Louis Tomlinson Announces New Single 'We Made It' And Its Release Date

It's a great day to be a Louis Tomlinson fan (tbh, every day is) because on Sunday (October 20), he announced his new single along with its release date.

The 27-year-old took to social media to post an eight-second clip of a new song called “We Made It” and announce it'll be dropping this Thursday (October 24). Also no, this is not his version of Shania Twain's “You're Still The One” if anyone else started singing that... just me? Okay... I digress.

In the clip, Tomlinson can be heard singing the lyrics Oh my/I remember those nights/Me with you/Cheap drinks/Drink 'em all night. By the looks of those lyrics, I'm already obsessed and will be listening to the eight-second clip on repeat until Thursday.

The news of “We Made It” comes a little over a month after the former One Direction singer released his rock-inspired song “Kill My Mind” and he even teased “We Made It” back in July! 

During the summer, he posted a clip of the song before anyone knew the name and then teased fans on Twitter writing, “The clip I posted before is a song called ** **** it.” Turns out, “We Made It” was the song he was referring to. 

Even more exciting, in his teaser clip, Tomlinson wrote, “Got a new mix for something for the album;” which means AN ALBUM IS COMING — sound the alarms! By now, fans should be used to Tomlinson teasing us with cryptic posts as it's basically been his brand since embarking on his solo endeavor. 

“We Made It” follows this year's singles “Kill My Mind” and the ballad “Two Of Us” — the latter was released earlier this year.

Photo: Getty Images

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