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Ep. 14: Would an Outsider Like Twilight? (feat. Shawn Johnson of WPR)

Ep. 13: Is There An Age Problem in Twilight?

Perhaps the biggest barrier for Twilight fans is reconciling the huge age gaps in the romantic relationships of the Twilight saga. How do we come to terms with Bella and Edward’s one-hundred year age gap, especially in the context of Edward being immortal? Can we ever justify Jacob and Renesmee’s epilogue romance, knowing he helped raise her? We attempt to unravel these relationships, Stephenie Meyer’s reasoning behind making them and whether there is anything redemptive from large age gap relationships.


Ep. 12: Can the Eclipse Soundtrack Keep Up?

Released in 2010, the third musical companion of the saga is a nostalgic snapshot of the rock genre, balancing the well-known with underground oddities. Many tracks are tough to find, never having made their way past MySpace onto more modern streaming platforms, and many of the bands are MIA in 2022. We take our first front-to-back listen of the Eclipse soundtrack, which we’re deeming the ultimate underdog of the five, maybe even rivaling the beloved first two.

Ep. 11: Is Life and Death the Feminist Serve Stephenie Thinks It Is?

Stephenie Meyer wrote Life and Death, a 2015 gender-swapped retelling of Twilight, for the ten year anniversary of Twilight. Through the retelling, she also intended to prove a point about her damsel in distress main character–that the story would be the same if Bella was actually Beau. The storyline, however, lacks freshness and provides more name swap confusion than introspection into whether or not gender sways the storyline. We dive into Life and Death so you don’t have to.

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Ep. 10: Is Alice Cullen's Podcast Better Than Ours?


Twilight star, Ashley Greene, has joined the playing field, and we might be on the losing side. Her new podcast, The Twilight Effect brings a behind-the-scenes look at how the movies were made and what it was like being in the center of the universe–or just left of center. Is there enough room for the both of us, or should someone hit the road? We give you our full review of The Twilight Effect in our one-year anniversary episode.

Ep. 9: Are the Volturi Good Guys or Bad?

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The Volturi are the lawmaking and enforcing body in Meyer’s vampire world. In many ways, they ensure that vampires stay safe and out of sight from humans. But concurrent with protection, they also keep a strict reign over vampires worldwide–locking down on ancient rules that the Cullens constantly have to question as their family evolves. We dive down the rabbit hole and question the necessity of vampire policing.

Ep. 8: Was the New Moon Soundtrack Our Intro to Indie Rock?

In the darkest winter days, one soundtrack reigns supreme as the ultimate depression album: the New Moon soundtrack. Brimming with sorrow, heartbreak and distorted guitar, the second film’s musical companion was attempting a sound not yet well-understood by our tween ears; and yet, it would become perhaps one of the most important influences into our modern music taste. Join us to take on our second soundtrack review, where we take each song one at a time, while making our own modifications along the way.

BONUS: The Hardest Twilight Trivia?

In this week's bonus episode, we take on the self-titled, "Most Difficult Twilight Quiz of 2020," and test our TwiHard knowledge, while our friends, Josh and Rachel, try to cheat in the background.

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Ep. 7: Which Twilight Character Are You?

After a brief break, we return inspired by J-14, Tiger Beat, and Seventeen magazines, where celebrities’ faces were collaged together between headlines promising celeb drama and romance quizzes. It’s the pop culture episode, where we’ll dive into the spicy details of #Robsten and figure out if we’re more werewolf or vampire.

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Ep. 6: Is the Twilight Saga Racist?

In all the Romeo and Juliet drama of the Twilight saga, we never forget that wolves and vampires just aren’t meant to co-exist. But do the tensions between these groups mirror something darker and more real than just mythological rivalry? When the characterization of our creatures comes down to skin descriptions, we have to wonder, is Twilight racist?