INTERVIEW: Band of Silver Have Their Eyes On the Prize

I recently sat down to talk with Band of Silver, an indie-pop group of three siblings currently touring with Jake Miller. Their latest single, "False Paradise" is available for streaming now, and you can check out their touring dates here.

Lead singer Avery Silvernagel has an undeniable confidence on stage when performing with brothers, Alex (guitar/vocals) and Evan (drums) Silvernagel to complete the three-piece Band of Silver. All three of them do in fact--even with a crowd mostly unfamiliar with their music, they have a buzzing energy that's infectious. They take the stage, and the nodding heads in the crowd turn into jumping bodies by the end of the set. After the show, they sit at a table in the back of the venue chatting with fans.

We run into each other outside and it becomes obvious that Avery is the one who usually does the talking, although after getting on their tour bus and settling in, Alex is telling us a story that's making us all laugh.

On their website, Band of Silver are described as songmakers who fuse "vintage rock, 80's new wave, and modern pop," and influences like Panic! at the Disco and Rush aren't hard to hear in their sparkling band-led tracks like, "Artificial Intelligence" or "Hello Sunshine." They balance moments of frustration and heartbreak with starry eyes; no track ends without at least a glimpse of hope, but more frequently, they openly remind us that things will be okay. They feel poised and refined, digging into a glam rock core but furbishing it with modern synths and pop melodies. Every song is brimming with energy, and at no point in their color-filled discography do we lose sight of their brightness.

Avery, Alex and Evan all come off as fairly introverted in person, but not in a way that's anti-social or shy; they like to bounce off of each others' energy, and nothing makes their eyes light up more than being asked about their craft.

Q: Tell me what it's like touring and collaborating as siblings.

Avery: It’s really nice because one of us isn’t trying to do country and the other one’s trying to do jazz. We pretty much have the same musical influences. We all listen to the same kind of stuff. That goes smoothly. We get along as siblings, so it’s actually a lot of fun touring with these guys.

Q: What were those influences?

Avery: A lot of '80s rock stuff.

Alex: The first band I really got into was the Beach Boys, and after that I was into Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Weezer, Van Halen…

Q: What are you listening to now? Especially while making your current record?

Avery: For this record, a ton of Panic! At the Disco, 2012 and onwards. Very recently I’ve gotten into K-pop.

Hours before the show, father Silvernagel and I run into each other outside the venue. We briefly talk about their charting song, "Hello Sunshine" while I put up banners, and I begin to realize how much of a contributing member he is to this team. Their familial closeness paints Band of Silver with a heartening sincerity; they're a breathing body together, and all members are needed for their movement.

Where they're moving exactly? Straight ahead. They have a distinct vision portrayed in their sound, image and hustle, and when talking to them, it's nearly impossible to forget just how hungry they are.

Q: You put out a record called False Paradise. Tell me what that phrase means to you.

Avery: So False Paradise—I came up with a riff on Garage Band of all places, and Alex and our producer took it, and [the finished track] reminded me of, like, a sandy desert or a beach or something, so I wanted to go off of that topic. I wrote the song about getting into a situation that seems really cool and exciting at first, but once the novelty wears off, you realize it’s not what you wanted.

Q: Tell me how lockdown has influenced the way you’re approaching tour.

Avery: I feel more adrenaline getting on stage, because it’s been so long since we’ve done it. We would play pretty intermittently, and right before the pandemic began, we were switching our management and not playing shows during that time, so in total it’s been three years since we got to play. But it’s really cool seeing people in a group and playing live.

Q: Do you get stage fright coming back after three years?

Avery: No, I’ve never gotten stage fright! I grew up with [Alex and Evan] who have been musicians way longer than I’ve been, and so I’ve watched their recitals and stuff. The kids who looked awful on stage were the ones who were very timid and not moving. But if you moved around, even if you were out of time or whatever, it still looked cool. If I don’t look unconfident, I won’t look bad, so it’s never been a problem for me. I feel really bad for people who get stage fright. It’s so much fun for me to be on stage, so I would hate to be genuinely fearful.

Alex: Also you have to remember, you’re strictly there to entertain, so if you do that, then you’ve done your job.

As we wrap up the interview, Alex and I have somehow begun a conversation on The Great Gatsby and some other miscellaneous literature. It strikes me just how down-to-earth and mellow the three are, which isn't always easy to do when you're trying to promote your music and make sure audiences remember your name. But they're confident in themselves as a family and band, and they have a have a pretty good feeling that they're music will do most of the talking.

If you want to follow along with Band of Silver, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram at @bandofsilver. Check out "Hello Sunshine" below, and check out their music wherever you stream.

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