Elvis Duran Intern Has A Problem With “Kids These Days”


What's wrong with the "kids these days?" Well, Intern Debra of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show has a problem with them. Here is her list of the problems she has with "kids these days."

·Kids these days with their beloved Instagram Influencers and YouTubers. (They are not celebrities!)

·Kids these days with their overly important Snapchat streaks and scores.

·Kids these days with their slang. (What does ‘no capp’ even mean?)

·Kids these days with their VSCO girls. (VSCO is a photo editing and sharing platform based around aesthetics and ‘pretty’ posts. Girls on the app have a trendy look: comfortable and casual with lots of scrunchies and big T-shirts.)

·Kids these days with their social media photoshoots. (ie: VSCO sleepovers are hosted simply to take cool pictures for the app and not for the actual fun, social aspect.)

·Kids these days with their lack of cultural knowledge… prior to the year 2000.

·Kids these days with their hypersensitivity.

·Kids these days with their TikTok humor. (Vine did it first!)

·Kids these days with their over-the-top promposals starting in middle school. (Why does everything have to be Insta-worthy?)

·Kids these days with their false activism for social media clout.

Do you agree with Intern Debra's list? Watch above and let us know in the comments!

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Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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