30 thoughts I had while watching Black Mirror S4

posted by Aly - 

Haven't finished it yet? SPOILER ALERT 

Ep 1 USS Callister: Ooooo what a great way to start the season! 

                                Wow that engineer is a JERK

                                 HA KARMA! 

Ep 2 Arkangel: Oh hey Jodie Foster 

                         All she wants to be is a normal kid without filters in her eyes :(

                         Oh. That's one way to parent...by sneaking pills into your smoothie 

                         I don't wanna say she had it coming...but....

Ep 3 Crocodile: A party! Heyyy...oh crap where did he come from?!

                           She changed her hair and got a fam. I think she's moved on. 

                           Oh wait, just kidding. That was not a nice reunion with her old lover. 

                           That bag of candy does not look good 

                           SERIOUSLY?! THE AGENT HAS A FAMILY! 

                           And there goes the husband....there's no way she's going to kill the baby...oh wait                            it's Black Mirror. Anything goes.

Ep 4 Hand the DJ: Another dating episode. Should be interesting 

                               Wow this reminds me of my dating life. How depressing lol 

                               YES FIGHT THE SYSTEM! GO OVER THE WALL! 

                                ....are you serious. That was it?!

Ep 5 Metalhead:   Does everyone eat this candy? Looks nasty! 

                              Kinda cool it's in Black and White 

                              Ok what's going on 


                              Now I'm afraid of robotic dogs...great. 

Ep 6 Black Museum:  A place in the middle of no where. Cool. 

                                   Ohhh now I get the museum title

                                   This "doctor" is creeping me out 


                                   What's behind the curtain?

                                   WTF!!!! I shouldn't have asked 

                                   HA YES GIRL! KARMA AGAIN!

Overall I was hoping for something a little darker this season, but still entertained me! 



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