Cardi B Says This BTS Member Is Her Favorite

Photo: Getty Images

It looks like Cardi B is a BTS fan — the “Bodak Yellow” rapper revealed her favorite member of the group in a recent Twitter Q&A.

During her “Ask Cardi” session yesterday (July 1), a fan asked: "Who’s your bias(favorite) in bts?" Cardi simply replied with a picture of Jimin. Fans in the comments praised her for her "taste" and one even pointed out how the rapper responded within nine minutes. In the same Q&A, Cardi revealed her future music plans after her upcoming album. "After my album i want to a mixtape with Offset and a Spanish album," she wrote.

See the tweet below.

On Friday (July 1), Cardi B released her latest single "Hot Sh*t" featuring Lil Durk and Kanye West. In a new interview, the rapper expanded on her upcoming music plans. "I really can't wait to do this album because I do want to do different things," she said. "After I do this album, I do want to do a mixtape with my husband because I love how he raps. He could rap his a**off and I'm a fan. And then I want to do a Spanish album. I feel like that's more pressure to me than anything because it's like that Latin world... they want it but I feel like it's not as easy as people think."

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