GUYS. twenty one pilots might be waking up soon!

On this day a year ago, twenty one pilots took a much needed break...aka the silence 


And this morning we (Skeleton Clique) got an email that has an eye GIF with the subject "ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING" inside the eye, it looks like a person


So of course the Skeleton Clique detectives JUMPED on this and found a letter from Clancy 

Picture from Alt Press

It reads:

“They’re asleep. The night took forever to arrive, and now we’re almost ready. We’ve studied the watchers, and know that there’s no chance that we can step through unnoticed. So, instead of trying to hide ourselves, we’ll make sure that all of us are noticed. It’s been one year since the last convocation, and tomorrow’s Annual Assemblage of Glorified will be the biggest spectacle this concrete coffin of a city has seen all year.

If we time it right, we’ll divert the attention of the watchers and finally take the step through. We’ve had no contact, but we’re hoping the other side will be able to find a way in. We’re not sure of the breach location, but we are willing to risk being smeared in order to find it. We know that we must go lower, and wait for the torches. They’ve never seen anything quite like this, and by morning, everything will be different. I’m terrified and excited, all at the same time. They don’t control us.


Soooo does this mean the silence is over? WE NEED ANSWERS!!



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