My thoughts on 13 Reason Why S2...SPOILER ALERT


Well, I binged it over the one sitting and I DON'T recommend that. 


Overall the season was good, considering how dark and intense the content is. I felt like the polaroids were an interesting twist to the storyline and they played a big role with the topic of rape and sexual assault. I was hoping we would get more with it and Clay would tell someone about them. Not too happy about Bryce's verdict, but that's what happens in real life unfortunately. 

I will NEVER be able to get that bathroom scene with Tyler out of my head. To be honest, I didn't really believe the last episode. Clay stops Tyler but is holding his gun, so are we going to see Clay going to court for conspiracy of a school shooting in season 3? 

The actors are incredible (remember, they are not their characters so don't come for them on Twitter) and a lot of serious topics were addressed.

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