Everything you need to know for the royal wedding


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are such a cute couple 😍

Here's everything we know about the Royal Wedding 

#1 The service starts at 6am but the coverage starts at 3am. The royal family will arrive at the chapel by 5:20am followed by Prince Harry and Prince William, and then Meghan and her Mom

#2 After the vows are exchanged, Meghan and Prince Harry will take the famous carriage ride around Windsor Town which will take about 25 minutes


#3 The celebs rumored to be attending are; Margot Robbie, Ed Sheeran, Piers Morgan, Chris Martin and George Clooney. Elton John is rumored to be performing

#4 Meghan has 2 dresses picked out, one for the wedding and one for the reception after


Sooo where can you watch the coverage and the wedding? CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and BBC America will all be airing it as well as HBO with commentary from Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell 



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