What does the "This is America" video mean?

A LOT going on in the video so let's break it down:

#1 The Warehouse

Some people are comparing it to the country's foundation and oppression and others are saying it's like the video for “Freaks and Geeks” so maybe there's a link to them.

#2 The look

It's definitely a statement. An art critic compares the look to Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician and people online noticed his pants and how similar they are to a Confederate solider's uniform. 


#3 The guns

There's no way you can miss it because Childish Gambino puts it right in our faces. Many fans who watched the video say it's a reference to America's gun obsession and the mass shootings. He hands the gun off to someone else who's carrying a red cloth which references America protecting gun rights. 

#4 The Sunken Place

If you saw "Get Out" you might have recognized the end of the video. Childish Gambino is trying to escape the warehouse which oddly looks like the sunken place....fun fact, Daniel Kaluuya, who played Chris in “Get Out,” introduced Childish Gambino’s performance of This Is America on SNL. Coincidence? Nah, I don't think so!



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