*Inhale. Exhale* 3 ways to de-stress after work

According to research, a stressful job or an annoying co-worker can keep you up at night. This will affect your sleep and trust me, you don't want to show up to work the next day grumpy and exhausted. 

Here's how you can de-stress and relax after work:

#1 Meditate


I use the Calm app which is amazing! It tracks your meditations and you can set reminders every night to meditate! Whichever app or system you choose, mediation will shut off your mind and help you go to sleep relaxed. 

#2 Go for Walk


Now that the weather is nice, you can take a nice quiet walk around your neighborhood. Don't have a walking path in your area? Take the time to find one close to you and just walk for 30 minutes. The sounds of nature will relax you and take your mind off of work. 

#3 Watch your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu


When you get home from work, put your phone in another room and turn on your favorite show. A great way to just check out for an hour before you need to go to sleep!


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