Twenty One Pilots theory that will BLOW YOUR MIND

This is twenty one pilots 


They've been silent since July of last year.....


Recently, fans have picked up on a few things and developed a theory on what could be their next album....thanks to Alternative Press for posting it! Ok so let's get into it.

It started with Josh saying that Tyler is "severing ties with Dema" which then alerted the Skeleton Clique 


An upside down copy of Blurryface was spotted on Record Store Day...what does this mean?!


And then a member of the Skeleton Clique noticed a GIF on twenty one pilot's they slowed it down and found a random website which lead to this ⬇️


So then fans added up the violation code which leads to you to

And that gives you an image of the "Tower of Silence" 


If that's not crazy enough, if you google "Tower of Silence" a picture comes up that LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE COVER ART FOR BLURRYFACE 😱


If you turn the picture sideways so that east is'll get the possible track numbers which leads you back to the violation code on the Dema website. This fan figured out what the dates mean ⬇️


Is your mind spinning yet?! These members of the Skeleton Clique are incredible! 

AND a fan popped up with a coded IG post


SO. Will the eye start to open on 05/01 or will they drop a new song then? I DON'T KNOW AND I'M FREAKING OUT!!!


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