My review of Cardi B's "Invasion of Privacy"

I mean this album 💓 

it starts with "Get Up 10" and it really sets up to the album "Get money, go hard..." **insert bird call**

then it goes right to "Drip" with Migos and it holds up as the second song on the album 

i kinda laughed when she said "knick-knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone"

Ayyeeee Bodak Yellow 

"Be Careful" stands out on this album. If your man cheats, call him out!!

Loveeeee her with Chance the Rapper on "Best Life" because she's livin' her best life!


Kehlani is so good with her too on "Ring" real talk....if you like the person you're talking them! "Should I call first? I can't decide"

Okkkkkk Bartier Cardi 

the album ends with "I Do" with SZA "I do what I like, I do, I do" and it's an ANTHEM! 

Overall this album holds up to the hype and we get soooo much Cardi.

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