4 ways to plan ahead of a hangover...b/c adulting

Going out tonight but you have to wake up early tomorrow because you need to adult? The hangover is about to be real rough BUT these tips should ease the pain.

#1 drink a lot of water


in between the alcohol, chug water so you stay hydrated

#2 change your bed sheets


before you go out, wash and change your bed sheets. That fresh clean smell will instantly make you feel energized in the morning....even if you have a really bad headache

#3 wash your face and shower ASAP


showering off last night's decisions should be top priority when you wake up. Nothing beats that clean feeling

#4 sleep is your friend 


if you don't have to be anywhere until later on in the day/evening, sleep it off until you have to get ready. Being lazy is perfectly acceptable when you were living your best life last night


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