Judge Who Sentenced Meek Mill To Prison Is Preparing To Sue Him


Judge Genece Brinkley gearing up to defend herself against Meek Mill. This is the same judge who sentenced the Philly rapper to 2-4 years in prison for probation violation. 

Ever since Meek was sentenced, his lawyer has claimed that Judge Brinkley was unprofessional in a number of different instances with the artist. Meek's attorney said that she asked the MC for personal favors such as being shouted out in songs, and firing his management team in order to hire someone close to her. Now, she's fighting back.

According to TMZ, Judge Brinkley hired high-profile lawyer A Charles Peruto Jr. and is preparing to file a lawsuit against Meek and his legal team. "Wednesday on 'TMZ Live' Peruto defended his client, saying there's now a court transcript that proves they've been lying all along, and Meek's lawyer is nothing more than a 'circus clown,'" the news site reports.

Peruto also claims that the rapper's team also fighting this battle "in the street instead of the court room, including having the Governor call and try to sway Brinkley's decision." The attorney is playing no games.

Watch him speak to "TMZ Live" above. 

Photo: Getty Images


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