Every Struggle Us '90s Kids Ungracefully Dealt With...

posted by @DenaKhalafallah -

Kids these days will never understand some of our '90s struggles. Buzzfeed published a hard-hitting, investigative story on all the problems we dealt with as kids. Some of the most relatable issues:

When our Moms said, "Get off the internet, I need to use the phone."

When you tried to play your Gameboy during a car trip... at night. 

When the VCR would destroy your favorite VHS tape. 

When the sharp corner of your slap bracelet would poke and scratch you 'cause the fabric ripped.

When you forgot to bring your money on Scholastic Book Fair day, and you were forced to watch everyone go on a shopping spree.

When your inflatable furniture started deflating, but you'd only been sitting on it for like, 10 minutes. 

Read the full post below. 

Can you think of any struggle that's missing from the post?