Woman $10,000 In Debt After Trying To Become Instagram Star

posted by Kaydo -

Miami native Lissette Calveiro decided she wanted to live a life of stardom and fame. Like many (not smart) people, she thought the quickest way to earn millions and earn her fame was to become a dreaded Instagram model. What happened next? She ended up $10,00 in debt. Serves you right. 

According to Unilad, Calveiro decided to move to New York and start documenting, as if she was living a Sex and the City life filled with new clothes, brunches, bars, and expensive holidays.

However, after living what looked liked the "perfect" life on Instagram, Calveiro found herself in $10,000 of debt.

She told Unilad,

I intended to start my own blog to document ‘life in NYC.’ In 2013, I was an intern at a public relations firm. The idea of ‘influencers’ didn’t exist, but I wanted to see how far I could take my blog.

I got a lot of nice engagement from people online, and really enjoyed connecting with strangers over similar interests and values so I continued to live a very public, social-forward lifestyle.

Trying to emulate social media personalities at the budget of a young professional fresh out of college, it’s entirely unrealistic.

Calveiro continued...

I was swiping credit cards at every turn thinking ‘I’m sure I’ll pay this off later.’ While true, it’s a very dangerous slope and can cause many people to get into a sticky financial situation. Also – because I was always more focused on my career OFFLINE (profile).

I didn’t have the time to build an influencer business like many others have to make money from it or do experiences for free. It simply wasn’t my priority to grow my audience and just kept “posting photos” for whoever did want to listen.

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