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Charlie XCX Gives Us Our First Summer Anthem "Boom Clap"


Are you familiar with Charli XCX? Yes, you are, you just may not know it yet.


She's an English singer/songwriter that was pop music's best kept secret back in 2012 with the release of her debut "True Romance" (which is still hotter than most everything on the charts today, fyi.) Her mysterious, haunting pop melodies mixed with 80's synths made her an immediate earworm, a precursor to the spook-pop that's becoming popular from artists such as The Weeknd, Banks, the new Lana, etc.

Oh, and she also wrote and was featured on Icona Pop's unavoidable smash "I Love It." 

She's been hard at work on her sophomore album, due out this summer, but last week, she gave us our first taste of what she's got coming up next.

"Boom Clap" is an offering from the soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars, out June 6th, and it's about to be your first summer anthem. It's a love song through and through, filled with joyful lyrics and a euphoric chorus that begs you to be put on repeat.

The song starts out with only a sparse synth and a drum machine with Charli's mellow vocals over the top, before exploding into a chorus that would sound just as good blasting in your car as it would erupting in a stadium.

"You are the light and I will follow/you let me lose my shadow" Charli sings, proving her songwriting to be as captivating has her melodies.

"Boom Clap" is one of those songs you hear and immediately know that you're going to be spinning it all summer. What else are you listening to right now? What's your favorite summer jam? Tell us in the comments and tweet us your answer at @Z104.

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