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Miley's Bangerz Tour

Miley's Bangerz Tour

Miley's concert is all I've heard about since the tour dates were released. Not to mention she's been in the tabloids after basically each show. FINALLY, last night I was able to go see Bangerz in Milwaukee!

Here's what I thought:

Not as raunchy as I was anticipating.

Going to a Miley concert, one has to expect a bit of raunch - and don't get me wrong, it was still present but not the extent I had been led to believe. Miley seductively rode a car, laid in a giant bed with her back-up dancers, wore her bra and underwear on stage and other than a few F bombs, that was pretty much it. I was surprised, and I didn't see ONE TWERK! She moved her booty a little bit during her rendition of Outkast's "Hey Ya," and that was it.

It wasn't as theatrical as I thought it would be.

Aside from a couple HUGE props like the dog, a guy with a big plastic head, the ginormous bed and the car she rode out on, the giant hot dog.. There wasn't a lot going on on-stage except for Miley. Which was nice.

She cared about her fans.

Miley spent her show one of four places. One - on the main stage, Two - on the mini stage set near the back of the Bradley Center, Three - backstage for wardrobe changes, and Four - on the giant hot dog (jk she didn't spend THAT much time on the giant beef frank).

And apparently she had a little wardrobe malfunction which, as a fan, you couldn't even tell. Miley came out for 23 in a bra and undies because she missed her wardrobe change and decided THE SHOW MUST GO ON! But honestly, Miley being in her lingerie wasn't much of a change from her other costumes (which were great).

I give the concert two thumbs up.

Miley is who she is - no excuses - which is what I like about her. You can either love her or hate her, but she's going to be herself regardless. Her show was nothing short of entertaining. 

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