I Love T. Swift. She Was The Topic Of Much Conversation And Social Posts Last Night On The Grammys. I Was Super Excited That She Played All Too Well. I Love That Song On The Album. It's A "B Side" Check It Out.
I didnt catch the reaction from her team until this morning and it makes me laugh! It reminds of that viral video of that baby that gets scared and throws his head back. LOL see the scared baby video below.

I thought Katy Perry thought she was going to win when Carole King and Sara announced "Rooooyals" and I think Katy thought they said "roar." Ugh what an emotional rollercoaster.

All in all, I love the Grammys. I thought Taylor was best dressed and alot of the men looked great! At times, I miss the Kurt Cobain's when award shows were more unpredictable and interesting. Well, actually we have a MILEY and a GAGA, they just were not invited. :/ #snubbed



Dont the guys behind Taylor look like this baby at the end of the video at :40 seconds.