Were you in the crowd craziness Saturday night at SUMMERFEST? I was :(

My question is: Are you concerned for safety on the Summerfest grounds, especially at night?

  Here is what I make from it: I am not sure if the NEWS media is understanding exactly what went down either.

Saturday night apparently Summerfest reached capacity by 9PM...When that happens, naturally, gates were SHUT DOWN and crowds of thousands built outside the main gate..Then allegedly there were reports of people jumping the fences to get into the grounds and finally the decision by Summerfest to open the gates to thousands of people for free just to alleviate the problem, but at what cost the crowd already inside?

I have always had bad luck at Summerfest. A few years back, I was trying to fight my way on a bus at midnight. It was scary. Saturday for me was equally horrific.

Summerfest gets crowded, we all know that. And I am not trying to bash Summerfest. It is a great festival, I just hope Summerfest learned from this and will step up police presence and security to manage crown control.

LUCKILY, the crowd stayed calm fighting their way to their end destination. No one was hurt. But seriously what the HELL were they thinking?!

I would post pictures to show you the large crowd but they are not pictures and I dont want to get sued for posting others photos. People get all pissed out when you do that. Just check out social media for pics. People were ALL OVER the situation Saturday online. I couldn't even take a picture on my phone b/c that would be I would have to dig in my purse to find it. I didnt have enough FREE AIR SPACE to even do that in the chaos.
UGH, super scary but again glad everyone made it out okay.

Before the sun went down, I was able to meet Imagine Dragons. They were nice guys. I heard it was a great show :/