LOVEEE ME SOME Jennifer Lawerence. If you just won an Oscar at 22 years of age, wouldnt YOU celebrate?! She decided to party it up in Hawaii with a beach, bottle of wine and a joint.
Could THIS blow up as big as it did when JUSTIN BIEBER was photographed smoking the pot? I am sure it will.
P.s. She is in Hawaii filing CATCHING FIRE and when darker with her hair. See the PICS of the POT and her HAIR here.

And to think that I called SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK a "hidden trailer".

Remember when J- LAW called herself a FAT ACTRESS?

Find out where Jennifer Lawarence ranked in GQ Magazine's 100 HOTTEST WOMEN OF THE 21st CENTURY here

My birthday is coming up and I think I would LOVE a KATNISS BARBIE.