Good day! So the running joke is that I am never getting married (like ever) JUST because I have been engaged sine November 2011. Why are people so impatient?! And why do ppl automatically ask me "are you still engaged?" I am going to start responding with "Nope, I am not, I just LOVE to wear this amazing diamond on my finger to play make believe!" UGH...anyway, conversation for a different post.

Anyhow, I am like a dude with my wedding. Easy going, just want to show up type of attitude but this morning I got REALLY salty with my fiance!

I have been OBSESSED with this song and thinking about it as a wedding song.
I love music. It is so important to me and for my guy, he could give a rats ass.

So I was REALLY excited to play this song for him ....I told him the set up, he knows my passion for good tunes. So 60 seconds into it he abruptly goes "THIS SONG SUCKS!" I got super pissed off!  Way to ruin a moment. So I stopped playing it for him.
A bit dramatic but the ONE accessory for my wedding that I am passionate about is my music. Dont mess with my playlist.

Anyway, here is the super pretty song. Do you like it?