College was pretty fun, right? But imagine if you actually had money during college to go out and really experience the town! Fortunately, us Madisonians don't have far to go.

GQ Magazine named Madison, WI one of the best college towns in America - when the students are gone. Because who really enjoys having beer poured all over their shoes? 

"Exercise Your Liver in the Heartland"

One of the reasons, obviously, is for the beer. It's no secret that Wisconsinites love a good brew! The article highlights that the state is not only home to Miller and Pabst products, but also New Glarus (Spotted Cow, anyone?) Capital Brewery, Karben4Brewing and Ale Asylum. 

HotelRed is also praised for its shower heads, bathrobes and beds. Who'da thunk.

Above all else, Madison does have really delicious food - which was not overlooked by GQ. Merchant, near the capitol, is called "the best restaurant in town." The cheese curds (obviously) are delicious and if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, the bison tartare should be at the top of your list.

The Great Dane Pub also gets a little recognition for, none other than, their beer!

It sounded like the GQ contributor enjoyed his time in Madtown - so much that he needed a little Indie Coffee to help with his hangover. 

Don't worry if you can't hang with the big dogs yet, bud. Practice makes perfect.

You can read the whole GQ article here.


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