Artist Saint Hoax made a series of posters promoting sexual abuse awareness after one of her close friends revealed that she had been raped by her father at the age of 7.

Hoax titled the series of posters "Princest Diaries" which shows Disney princesses being unwillingly kissed by their fathers.

"As an artist/activist I decided to shed light on that topic again in a new form. I used Disney princess because it's a visual language that my targeted audience would be attracted to," Hoax told HuffPost Entertainment.

At the bottom of each poster it reads:

"46% of minors who are raped are victims of family members. It's never too late to report your attack."

Personally, I don't agree with this at all. Is it effective? Yes. Disturbing? YES.

What's your take on the sexual abuse awareness posters by Hoax?

-via Huffington Post