I like many of you, have a super big crush on Jennifer Lawerence. Could she be the next America's Sweetheart. (Wait, who holds the crown now? Sandra Bullock? Reese?)

EVERYONE is talking about her gown, her fall, her speeches. She is ON FIRE!
Are you finding yourself saying "I could hang out with her?" Me 2! We are not the only ones. Click here to find the 11 Reasons Why J-LAW is your BFF in your head.


Oscar TV Views Are In! 

PICS: Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party-More gowns, side boob and celebs!

PIC: Britney Spears premiered her new hair color at the Oscars Party. I LOVE IT!

Oh nooooooo did BEN depart from his ARGO beard?

Controversy Surrounding Michelle Obama's OSCAR Appearance

Jack Nicholson HITS on J-LAW! Her reaction is priceless

You think you caught everything from the big movie night?! Here's all you NEED to know!