What a year it's been for pop sensation and hearthrob Justin Timberlake. With two albums and several singles, he has been at the top of his game.

With all this attention, I wanted to do a little digging on JT and bring your some facts you might not have known about him!

1) At the age of 16 and during the middle of his success in N'SYNC, Justin began dating Stacy Ann Ferguson who was six years his senior! She was the lead singer of the band Wild Orchid, but now she is better known as Fergie.

2) Timerlake's 'Cry Me A River' was about Britney Spears, according to an interview with collaborator Timbaland. After Justin and Britney had a heated phone call, he showed up to the studio looking "visibly angry." Timberlake said, "I can't believe she did that to me.. You were my sun, you were my earth." Those words became the opening lyrics tot he song.

3) While working with Madonna on her 2008 album 'Hard Candy,' Justin was ordered by the material girl to drop his pants so she could give him a shot of vitamin B12 in the rear!

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