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America's most stressed states are...


On a scale ranging from "relaxed" to "friggin stressed," Florida tops out the lower 48 states for being "most stressed."

Movoto measured stress using a set fo 6 criteria.

1) % of population with a long commute (over 20 minutes)

2) Unemployment

3) Hours Worked

4) Population Density

5) % of income spent on housing

6) % of population without health insurance


Here's what they found:

#1: Florida

A high percentage of unemployment and no health insurance prove to be a bad combination.

#2. Georgia

Georgian's work the most hours on average of any state's residents (that made Movoto's top 10) and also have a high unemployment rate.

#3. New Jersey

NJ has the most people per square mile and extremely expensive property tax.

#4: California

Californians spend more of their income on house (26 percent) than any other state besides New Jersey.

#5: Nevada

NV is home to the second highest unemployment rate in the country of 11.8 percent and over 20 percent of its population does not have insurance.

#6: Illinois

As suspected, people in IL are stressed from their stupid long commute time. Have you tried driving in Chicago at rush hour? Or, for that matter, ANY hour?!

#7: New York

Surprise, surprise. NY is stressed for their population density, income spent on housing and crazy long commute times.

#8: Maryland

Almost 70 percent of people living in Maryland spend more than 20 minutes getting to work.

#9: North Carolina

Movoto found that NC scored high on the number of people per square mile, but housing costs are below average and that people seem to work a lot, but commutes aren't the worst.

#10: Arizona

Essentially, they say, Arizona is a slightly less stressed version of North Carolina, but the commutes are worse.

To view the full list and to see where Wisconsin ranks, click here.

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