So I've had the pleasure of enjoying a brand new smartphone and discovering all these fun little apps the past few months, then it dawned on me that I spend WAY TOO MUCH time using the following:  (My Favorites)

1. Facebook.  Let's be honest, we're on here too much as it is already!

2.  Viggle.  This is the first app ever created that REWARDS you for watching TV!  I can't make this stuff up it!

3. Twitter.  If you're not following me...we have a problem!

(@OnAirAaron)  oh, and by the way...I follow back! Just tell me!

4. Flashlight App.  Who would of thought that your phone could double-up as a high powered vision enhancing machine?!?

App to watch out for in 2013....

FOURSQUARE.  After new privacy rules created, we may not see this app around in 2014.  Here's Why.