We really were in for a treat this year for the Super Bowl, weren't we?!?

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite parts from the day and night!

First off... I watched PUPPY BOWL IX on Animal Planet earlier in the day, and let me just say....SO CUTE!!!  Why haven't I been watching this every year?!?  The best part of this year's Puppy Bowl was definitely the Kitty Halftime Show. >>>(See Below)<<<


Now that I want to buy about three dogs and two cats, it was time for the pre-game performances at the big game....I have to say, I got kind of teary-eyed watching the Sandy Hook Elementary Children sing "America the Beautiful" along with Jennifer touching!!  <<<(below)>>>

Then of course, we all love to watch the big game for the COMMERCIALS!!

One of my favorites, was the Audi advertisement where the kid takes Mom and Dad's vehicle to Prom, and well... you'll see!....

And now sadly,  I must wait another 8 months to enjoy football again....time for Baseball!!