Aaron Rogers

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Aaron Rogers

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I am so happy to this place my home! Based out of Madison, WI - you can hear me all around the country on iHeartRadio and listen to me babble about random non-sense... Thanks so much for welcoming me into your office, car, house for over 5 years! I love to talk, so this is the perfect job..right!? Whether it's taking a "selfie" at the Capitol in Madison, spending time on Brady Street or Summerfest in Milwaukee, or even hanging out in the mountains - thanks for letting me fill you mind with mindless and meaningful information each day!I'll make sure you're on top of all things in the entertainment world, the latest on #WhatsTrending, and of course - you can't forget about getting hooked up with some FREE stuff too. (I'm pretty good at that...)


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