1-cup of Vodka

4-oz of Triple Sec

2-oz Strawberry Liquor


Strawberry Jello Mix


20 hulled out strawberries

Whipped Cream

Chocolate Syrup

Empty Ice Cube Tray




1.     1. Hull out 20 strawberries

2.     2. Mix Vodka, Triple Sec and Strawberry Liquor and put in freezer or shake over ice

3.     3. Make Strawberry Jello as directed

4.     4. While Jello is still in Liquid form add the Vodka, Tripe Sec, Strawberry Liquor mix

5.     5. Pour Alcoholic Jello into hulled out strawberries. Place in fridge and let Jello set.

6.     6. When ready to serve…garnish strawberry Jello shots with whipped cream and chocolate syrup!