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(Yahoo!) - Selena Gomez seems to have it all; She just kicked off her "Stars Dance" world tour and she has her own private jet and some of the most fashionable clothes in the world — but the one thing she really wants is something from the Golden Arches. And yes, we're talking about McDonald's!

After her concert in Winnepeg, B.C., the beautiful brunette posted a photo on Instagram on Monday, of herself in comfy sweats with ice on her knees and a Micky D's drink in her hand, along with the caption, "Now, I hurt. Everywhere."

We have to admit, performing that much sounds absolutely exhausting, so naturally, the oh-so-good greasy fast food could be just the thing to cure her aches and pains.

The "Come and Get It" singer recently opened up to MTV News about her preshow ritual, saying that it includes everything from pickles to fried Cheetos, but now it looks as if we know what her postshow craving is!

Aside from the private jet, at least she's keeping things budget friendly.

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